Grants may be available for your school note that our 2 shows for £500 will allow 100% of your pupils to experience STEM presentations.

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The 2019/20 STEM enrichment and enhancement (E&E) grant scheme is now open.


Grants of £500 are offered for schools to experience a science, technology, engineering or mathematics activity selected from the STEM Directory. This scheme is generously supported by the Clothworkers’ Foundation and the L.G. Harris Trust.


Current applications closed on Monday 4 November. but contact us to keep up to date with future grants


About our STEM E&E grants for schools

The Royal Institution’s STEM E&E grants are designed to help integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities into school practice and to support teachers’ professional development. Activities enrich or go beyond the curriculum and often use resources that are not readily available to schools. Activities can range from shows and talks to workshops and team-based challenges.


Teachers can apply for a STEM E&E grant of up to £500. They must select their activity from the STEM Directory.


Grants are awarded on a yearly or twice-yearly basis. Sign up to the Ri’s education newsletter to hear first when a scheme opens.


The STEM Directory

The STEM Directory is an easy way to find enhancement and enrichment opportunities to support STEM teaching. Some schemes bring exciting activities into schools or colleges; others can provide a memorable day out for students or a nationwide competition to help motivate a STEM club.


The STEM Directory is run by STEM Learning. STEM Learning is the largest provider of STEM education and careers support to schools, colleges and other groups working with young people across the UK. They offer an extensive library of online of STEM teaching resources, provide CPD opportunities for teachers and manage the nationwide STEM Ambassador scheme.

As all teachers know S.T.E.M is massive in schools at the moment, that’s why Allansmagic in 2016 developed our very own S.T.E.M show to educate and amaze children in this subject.


As S.T.E.M & C.I.T.B ambassadors, Allansmagic will show how S.T.E.M can be used to create magic, inspire pupils and show how S.T.E.M is useful in any career.

Our 40 minute presentation will show how amazing magic can be created by using even the most basic of S.T.E.M principles.


Two different shows are available for different ages : 5 – 7 year olds and 8-12 year olds.




REMEMBER ( the trick )

UNDERSTAND ( how it’s done )

APPLY ( the method )

ANALYSE ( effectiveness )

EVALUATE ( the performance )

CREATE ( their own performance )


Not only a great way to build confidence but  fantastic inspiration to continue with S.T.E.M subjects.




Digital literacy, Algorithms, Mathematics, Personal Development, Phchology, Practical work, Techniques and procedures, Investigations, Demnstations and Science.



We also forward each school a teachers resource  information pack so they can discuss, perform and further evaluate the tricks, plus many more in the booklet.

*Source Surveymonkey evaluation 2018